What are the D&A Attributes?

Why are they important?

We know that your personal skills are critical in shaping your career path and are vital when it’s time for you to access and thrive in the world of work. 

D&A Attributes offers you the platform to recognise, develop and celebrate both citizenship skills and employability skills through real life experiences and meaningful opportunities. 

We want employers to know that students from D&A College, who have their D&A Attributes, have the skills and life experiences to make a difference in the workplace.

How do they work?

  • There are 12 Attributes to achieve
  • Through volunteering your time (Community or Business) you can work towards 1 or more of the Attributes
  • We estimate that you need to volunteer 10 hours of your time and commitment to fully demonstrate your ability in this attribute.
  • All volunteering is recorded and you are rewarded with D&A and nationally recognised Saltire Award certification if you are under 25 and Adult Achievement Awards if over 25 at the end of the year 
  • This means we record the HOURS volunteered and the SKILLS you develop… ready for you to show future employers!
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D&A Life App homepage

How do I sign up and record my progress?

All D&A College students are automatically signed up to the scheme. We have created a fantastic new app in partnership with our Students’ Association to help you record your progress. Simply go to the My D&A Life App on your phone, tablet or desktop and click on the MyD&A Attributes tile.

From here you can record and check your process and access this site to see what new opportunities are available to you.

Our team will also be in touch with you each semester to check on how you are getting on, and see if you need any support on your attributes journey. We will also be in touch with the organisations you work with to get their feedback on your progress.

If you need any further information, support or guidance, please get in touch via attributes@dundeeandangus.ac.uk

How to use the MyD&A Attributes App